At Furlington we want to make a difference

We want to give back to animals who are less fortunate and to Charities who work relentlessly to make sure these animals are cared for, fed and get the medical treatment they need to live a long and happy life.

This is why we have made the easy decision to give 10% of the price you pay for a product in our Charity Category to one of our supported Charities. Being a small Business this means that we give a big part of our profit away. We will keep you informed about the Charities, our pay outs to them to make sure you see that the money is going where it is needed the most.

Of course you can get us to send the Charity bags straight to a Dog/Cat Home or a Charity Address in the UK who sends food Donations all over Europe and we will still donate 10% of this bag to the Charity in Question.

If you are a Charity and want to be added to our Charity List, please send an email to

Our Charity Shop

50/50 Grain Free

65/35 Superfood Grain Free

35/65 Super Premium


Our Charity Munch Box

£5.00 of each Box will go towards a Charity you choose of our registered Charities