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Morosche Carrot Soup for dogs

A holistic approach to help support the healing of your dogs digestive system

The Morosche carrot soup is not only a very tasteful soup for dogs and humans alike, it is also a old holistic approach to help support a dogs digestive system.

This healing soup was named after the german Professor Ernst Moro. He developed this simple but extremely effective formula to reduce infant mortality due to diarrhea. And succeeded with it. And even today, the tasty soup is a popular home remedy for humans, but also for the dog.

The reason for the healthy effect of the carrot soup according to Moro are besides the vitamins, minerals and fiber contained in carrots, above all the oligogalacturonic acids which will lie down on the inner intestinal wall and coat it. Giardien and other diarrhoea triggers cannot nest in the intestines and are easily excreted without discomfort.

To refine the Morosche carrot soup for the beloved four-legged friend, (separately) cooked white fish can be added to the finished soup. Chicken is often used as the “Go to” healing food, when a lot of dogs are unable to digest it properly and dog related allergies are often linked to Chicken.

Carrot soup according to Moro should never be put hot in front of the dog. The correct serving temperature for dogs is room temperature!! It is also important that the portions are not too large and are distributed throughout the day. If the dog is given additional normal food, the ideal time for the Morosche carrot soup is 30 minutes before feeding.

Extra tip: Morosche carrot soup can be frozen very well. Frozen in small portions, soup is always at hand when needed. Here, too, when serving, the following applies: room temperature!

Basic recipe & preparation

The ingredients for a basic recipe are very simple: carrots, water and salt. If the dog has kidney problems, the addition of salt should be avoided. In this case, carrots and water are enough.

About twice as much water is needed as you put carrots in the pot. With 500g of carrots, you need about one litre of water and, if necessary, up to one gram of salt.

Step-by-step preparation of Moro’s carrot soup

  1. Take commercially available carrots, if possible in organic quality
  2. Wash the carrots, cut off the ends and cut them into coarse pieces
  3. depending on the quality and condition of the carrots, also peel them
  4. Put carrot pieces in a suitable cooking pot
  5. Add about twice the amount of water
  6. bring the contents to the boil
  7. Simmer carrots for a minimum of 1.5 hours over a low heat
  8. during the long cooking time, check the water level again and again and, if necessary, pour some water into it
  9. Drain the boiling water, but collect it in a bowl
  10. Process carrots with the puree stick into a mash (the finer, the better!)
  11. Add boiling water to the carrot mash – it should have the consistency of buttermilk
  12. Add salt and mix thoroughly
  13. Let the carrot soup cool down (a cold water bath can help!)
  14. Serve 30 minutes before the actual meal 3-4 times a day in small portions 0.1-0.5l depending on dog size
  15. You are to see if it worked when in your dogs “stinky” a longer part of orange is appearing. If It is not long enough (around 4 cm) then you should feed a little more of the soup.

    Attention! If the dog has kidney problems, the addition of salt should be avoided.

More detailed facts about carrot soup

The long boiling process of the carrots creates a very special sugar molecule, the oligosaccharides which attaches itself to the intestinal wall and blocks the docking points for dangerous individuals. This includes Giardia which will through the food mash get transported more easily from the intestine and can be excreted without any harm.

For an optimal effect, it is therefore recommended to feed high-quality food with a good balance of Protein and Carbohydrates and without any addition of Grains, Wheat, Maize in combination with the carrot soup.

Basically, the finer the carrot soup is pureed, the better the oligosaccharides get to the intestinal wall. It is also important that there is an sufficient amount of these sugar molecules in the soup which will only develop when boiled over a long period of time. It is not enough to boil carrots with water quickly and puree them in a hurry. The preparation including the cooking time is at least 2.5 hours. Also remember that the soup must cool before the dog is allowed to eat it.

Diarrhea can be treated well with the this carrot soup for the dog and it can be used as a support treatment for dogs with Giardia infestation. The oligogalacturonic acids contained in it protect the intestines and can ensure a rapid improvement. However, if the diarrhea persists longer (adult dogs not longer than 3 days, Puppies not longer than 1 day) and does not improve despite the soup and very important if there are any other signs such as a high temperature, lethargy, signs of poison or the dog, throwing up and blood in stool a Vet consultation is mandatory!!

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