Herbal Buttermilk Recipe

A recipe which could help support your dogs Giardia/Coccidien treatment. This is a home remedy approach which helped some dogs better than its chemical counter part.

You will need

1/8-1/4 L Buttermilk
2 tbsp dried Oregano
2 tbsp dried Marjoram
2 tbsp dried Thyme

Mix the buttermilk with the dried herbs and let it steep. The “finished” herb butter milk can be stored in the refrigerator.


Acute phase (= severe diarrhea):

3-4x daily 2 tbsp of herb butter milk (for 30-40kg dog) and otherwise NO food!

After about 1-2 days:

Carefully 3 times daily cooked white fish then let the amount slowly increase

2 tbsp of herb butter milk with each meal

Very important do not feed any carbohydrates! (means none: potatoes, pasta, rice and cereals; many vegetables also contain carbohydrates)

After a good week:

2 tbsp of milk (or at any meal (puppies/seniors) 2 tbsp daily – maintain this dosage for 3 weeks

Feed few carbohydrated during this time – If stay with Sweet Potatoes and Vegetables

All dogs in the household should be treated (they do not need to fast, the same applies to dogs that have proven to have Giardia but no diarrhea, etc.

Please note: this treatment should not replace any advise or veterinary treatment but can support your dogs treatment.