Low Odour Box

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Our low Odour Box has got Treats which are less smelly

2 x Puffed Pig Snouts
1 x Beef Inner Ear
2 x Beef Muscle Chew
8 x Natural Rabbit Ears
6 x Hairy Rabbit Ears
5 x Small white Chicken Feet
4 x Chicken Feet
6 x Lamb Muscle Sticks
2 x Cow Ears
3 x small Paddy Whack Sticks
1 x long Beef Trachea

Please bare in mind, that sense of smell are different to everyone. What is smelly for one – is not smelly for others.

Never leave a dog unattended with any Treats & Offer fresh water at all times.


** Photo does not show the Products – and is only for illustration purposes

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