The Team

Furlington Team

Sarah Marquis

Dog Walker/Trainer, Stella´s Tin opener, Mother of 2 Teenage Girls, Website Developer, Photographer and the Heart of Furlington. Keeping it all afloat and the first point of contact for all our customers.

Wayne Marquis

Head of the Marquis Family, Master of Spreadsheets and Calculations, Background Bag Lifter, Emergency Dog Walker.

Lily & Hayley Marquis

The reason for extended dog walks & loosing the will to live but a great help to the Team – dog sitters, stamp lickers, story writers and cookie bakers.

Ferguson “Agrafina” Blyes (B-WAU)

The Reason for Furlington, Space Invader, Anti Jogging Dog, Back Leg Pointer with the ability to make himself so heavy that he cannot be moved.

Shelby “Bagel Beauty” (Schnaubi-WAU)

Crazy Goofball, Frisbee Queen, Olympic Swimmer, Sock Thief, First Class Pointer and Mouse Hunter who does not like her beauty sleep to be disturbed.

Stella (MAU)


Amber von der Brennheide


Puppy teacher (even the 2 legged pups), fox poo roller, jogging buddy, travel guru, tea drinker and best dog we could have ever asked for