What Age can you give Natural Treats

When Puppys are 8 weeks old you should really still stay away of full natural treats. Their Tummies are still getting used to the “normal” food and it can upset them as well, they are prone to choke quicker, especially when trying to eat Natural Treats which often contain little bones or are too hard for them to chew properly.

Our recommendation for 8-12 week old Puppies are our 80/20 Training Treats.

They are the right small size for the little ones and contain 80% Meat or Fish and 20% Sweet Potato without any Grains.

When the Puppies develop further and from around 12 weeks you can slowly introduce

Hairy Rabbits Ears

Puffed Pig Snouts

Puffed Chicken Feed

Lamb Muscle Pieces

Sprats (cut in smaller pieces)

Yak Chews


These are all a little softer for the puppy so it can get used to different textures. Make sure you don’t let them be unattended with any treats. We introduced by letting them chew while holding the pieces to prevent biting off too big chunks because they will swallow quicker than you can say drop.

From 14/16 weeks you can introduce

Hairy Cows Ears

Pizzel (but be careful as can be a little hard)

We suggest anything containing bones or harder chews like

Duck Necks

Chicken Necks

Paddy Wack

Chicken Feet

Pork Ear Crunch

From when their adult teeth are mostly through because them needing to have the ability to chew through them without breaking the baby teeth off. In the Pick N Mix Boxes you are able to write into the comments box that you have a Puppy and what age. We will then put the box together according to our recommendation for that age and also if your dog does not like certain things or you are not comfortable with them, just let us know what to take out and what to add. We are very flexible

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