About us

The Story behind Furlington

We have been Owners of various animals and pets over the last few decades. Dogs and Cats have been with us for the last 15 years of being married but Sarah also owned 3 Horses, Sheep, 3 little Piggy´s, Chicken, a Goat and a bull called Elvis. The perfect childhood on a farm in Germany.

After getting married and Wayne wanting to own a “big” dog ( we already owned a Jack Russel Terrier) Amber came to us in October 2007. Amber was our first Hungarian Vizsla and the best dog for our growing family we could have asked for.

In 2017 we were ready for Vizsla Nr. 2 – Ferguson “Agrafina” Blyes. Fergus settled in nicely and Amber taught him everything she knew helping us to bring him up to a wonderful loving dog until she sadly passed away in February 2019. 

Fergus had problems from the start, no matter what we have tried (Raw, different high and premium quality Kibble, Coldpressed) he was very sensitive with food. Loose stools, dull coat and a smelling backend which would make all of us run away. He suffered twice from Pancreatitis and Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis loosing a lot of weight and had to stay in hospital on both occasions where we nearly lost him. 

In cooperation with a Canine Nutritionist and a Certified Raw Feeding Expert and a lot of research we have been on the hunt for a dog food to help Fergus, which had the right balance of Protein, Veg and Botanicals without Grains which seemed to work best for him. After 2 years of constant problems we found what we were looking for and felt that we want to give our expertise to other dog owners who are looking for a high fresh meat content dry dog food.

The Idea of Furlington was born – and Fergus got a Vizsla Sister called Shelby in August 2019.

Furlington is not only about Dog Food, we are also selling Natural Treats.

We are also actively helping Rescue Charities and Animal Shelters to get food for their animals or help with running costs.

Your Furlington Team