Trick for Treats


We have got something for any Dog or Puppy

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Our Munch Boxes

Check out our Natural Munch Boxes in different Sizes and Price Ranges from just £13.50 including Shipping

Our Intolerance Boxes

With our Intolerance Boxes you can choose according to your dogs intolerances, allergies or preference.

Our Puppy Boxes

We got Boxes suitable from 8 weeks

Our Small Dogs Boxes

Because small dogs do not need to feel left out. We have got Boxes for small Breed dogs alike

Furlington Treat Boxes

Check out our own Brand Treats - from Trainings to Functional Treats, we got something your dog will love

Our Wonky Treat Boxes

One of our Favourite Boxes - Scrap Box - Wonky Treats, now also available for Chicken or Beef Intolerant Dogs

Speciality Boxes

Of course you can still get our Speciality Boxes such as Ear-tastic, Best of Both, Soft Duck & Chicken Strips or the Tenner Box

Hairy Rabbit Ears

If you want to just buy some Hairy Rabbit Ears